Blogging on Quality Websites is great for Lead Generation

Blogging-on-Quality-Websites-is-great-for-Lead-GenerationBlog short for Web log or weblogs are sites and portals which share information on specific topics and updated on an ongoing basis. Blog post appear in reverse chronological order with the newest entry appearing on top. Blogs are a great way to increase digital presence by making you more visible and easy to find in search engine. Blogs help build credibility, increase web traffic, boost search engine rankings and generate leads.

Blogging on a regular basis is an easy and inexpensive way of enhancing inbound marketing efforts and generating leads. Community is built through blogging. It is important to feed the community regularly by encouraging conversation and engagement by responding to comments. You can say blogs are effective if it create momentum with visitors and convert them to leads. 81% of businesses revealed that their business blog is useful for their business. 57% of companies who have a blog acquired customers from their blog.

Blogging is an important aspect of digital reach but in itself is not enough. These blogs also need to be published on external websites for search engine optimisation and lead generation. It is very important to post on high quality and relevant websites.

Blogging on low quality websites will not rank well enough by itself nor will it give the desired link juice to your site for improved ranking. It will cause you to lose out on potential traffic. The blog will not rank on Google and will cause decreased visibility and lesser chance for natural links. Many companies made imprudent mistakes of getting their blogs published on low quality websites resulting in being discredited by Google and left stuck with many toxic links.

However, blogging on quality websites improves rankings, if the post is high quality and relevant to the readers, it will resonate well with the search engine. Blogging on quality website is great for lead generation. It drives customer acquisition and retention, which means readers are loyal and becomes subscribers, followers and customers. Shares, bounce rates, followers and conversions can indicate the blog’s readership. A blog tuned in to its audience is sure to convert readers into leads. An engaged reader stays on the blog and share the content. A reader who is sharing is creating value for business.

If you don’t have time to blog for you company, our copywriters at JMW can work with you to create informative post for your business blog. There are great advantages to hiring a professional to handle your blog post for you. Our team knows how to utilize words to engage your audience and convert them to leads. This will allow you to spend your time on focusing on your business goals and visions.