Confession Publishing: Kiss and Tell Tales

confession publishingAccording to the Huffington Post, sexual fantasies are natural corollaries of our imagination. More often than not, humans settle on watching their sexual fantasies be brought to life by adult actors and actresses. We also find satisfaction in reading confession publishing and kiss and tell tales of brothel madams, the sexual encounters of prostitutes, and the glamorous escort work.

Confession Publishing: Kiss and Tell Tales

The books that touch confession publishing, and kiss and tell tales of those involved in the sex trade have their fair share of publishing success. The main reason is that the public is so interested in the prurient details of the brief encounters of escorts, and the ups and downs of managing a brothel. Controversial narratives that are written in these books are wildly entertaining and grip the reader’s attention. More so, the stories make a fun and naughty topic of discourse among girlfriends.

According to Psychology Today, such material act as bibliotherapy for people, mostly women, who have low sexual desire. A bibliotherapy is described as a written material that discusses the techniques similar to that of face-to-face counseling. Basically, it is a person’s companion in addressing his/her problem without the help of other people.

Secrets and Scandals Inside a Brothel

The confession publishing and kiss and tell tales of brothel madams is quite unique, in a sense that it does not tackle steamy bed encounters, but the secrets inside the four corners of a brothel. For instance, Sydney Biddle Barrow narrated in her book, the Mayflower Madam, how she carefully examined all her girls before being “dispatched” to the clients. Because of her stringent quality control measures, her escort agency became well-known for the quality of her ladies and the whopping cost of their services.

Fernande Grudet, dubbed as the most notorious madam in the world, made shocking revelations about how she ‘furnished’ a hot version of Jackie Kennedy to then-president John F. Kennedy. Also known as Madame Claude, Grudet’s roster of clients includes the dictator Muammar Gaddafi, Moshe Dayan, Pierre Loutrel, Marlon Brando, and even the Shah of Iran.

Dennis Hof also published his autobiography recounting his early years managing the BunnyRanch, his romantic relationships, and of course, the women who worked for him. If you are not familiar with Hof, he is said to be the most prominent brothel owner in Nevada’s history of adult services. He owns 7 brothels across Nevada, which he said are a new genre of whorehouses.

Ensuring Safety During Kids Play

Why we’re “picky”

cubby houses - play penParenthood can sometimes be underrated. We don’t truly realize how hard a task it can be unless we’re already in that situation. Once we’re in, there’s no denying the fears we experience in following preferences for our children. From the smallest details like the design and color of their safety mats, to the appropriate shape of their play pen, we get bombarded by a lot of things which require our attention.

We select, with almost always only one thing in mind – what the best is for our kids. We save up so we can afford things that our children will love and enjoy. So many of the things available in the market today not even existed when we were young. Because we did not have these luxuries when we were tykes, we don’t want our kids to be deprived of things we can actually buy them.

So many cubby houses and tents to choose from

A lot of factors come into consideration before we actually make our choices. If you’re presented with different equipment for outdoor play, you can’t help but get lost sometimes, which is perfectly normal. Introducing your kids to toys and furniture can be tricky but highly rewarding. Sure he’ll be more than glad to see all the incredible stuff at Nanny Annie’s, but you should concentrate on not getting carried away at the moment.

Your child is young but he will reach a certain age when he will tell you what he wants to keep in his room, and where he wants hang out in the backyard. He’ll say he’s a big boy now and he can build a tent and he nags you to get him the biggest of the cubby houses in the store.

Eventually, he’ll ask for a little brother who will inherit his play pen and the old safety mats that kept his head from hitting the ground every time he’d bounce off the mattress.

Each time a question pops in your head, another one follows. Should I get him this? Do I get the small or the big one? Is it safe, or is it even necessary?

Finding the answer

Parents possess unparalleled wisdom in choosing what’s best for their kids. After all, mom knows best, right? There’s no other person who knows your kids better than you do. You know where she’s comfortable in. You’ve taken note of things that scare her, like dinosaurs with big teeth. You remember she likes yellow and lavender instead of pink. So technically, you’re more equipped than you think. You have enough arsenal to get her stuff without having to take her to the store.

When you finally get the right furniture and equipment, and have finished setting it up, your child will surely love it. She will enjoy playing with her toy box where she finds a lot of cool shapes and colors to classify. When she goes outsides and sees her new cubby house, she’ll feel like she’s a real princess because you bought her a castle that looks a lot like what’s on Disney.

Asian Bloggers: Is Image Now More Important Than Text?

Asian-Bloggers-Is-Image-Now-More-Important-Than-TextBlogging is somewhat personal. Sometimes we try to educate our readers, sometimes we entertain them, but most of the time both. We’re all storytellers. The internet used to be text-only medium in its infancy but the digital technology today allows us to create and share visual content easily. Our love for images has grown over the years. People are now more interested in seeing information rather than reading about it. Images are becoming the internet’s new language. So today’s Asian bloggers challenge: is image now more important than text?

The sea of information on the worldwide web is vast, so to keep from drowning, people scan things more quickly. Internet users experience content overload causing them to have shorter attention span. The average person’s attention span is eight seconds used to be 12 in year 2000. Studies show that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Images are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than plain text. Visual content reaches the brain faster than textual information. It takes the brain longer to process text information, while visual information only took 0.25 seconds. One look at the image and we instantly know what it is trying to tell us. This explains why we often re-read text several times and we realize we have no idea of what we’ve read.

Our natural ability to process visual information faster drives us to choose content with images over plain text articles. Content with compelling images get 94% more views than textual content. Images have the ability to communicate complex messages very quickly compared to text. This is particularly useful to capture the reader’s short attention span. ACM Group in Sydney uses images to capture more attention from web users because they provide information at a glance. Images also spark feelings, the right image can bring out joy, compassion, disgust or hate. Images are vital to drive traffic, engage viewers instantly and leave longer impression.

Images are everywhere. Social networking sites have moved to image-centric layouts. Facebook post with photos get more than 150% of likes on average than post with plain text. Many apps are focusing on images from Instagram to Pinterest to Snapchat and Vine. Engagement per follower is 58 times higher on Instagram than on Facebook. The popularity of photo sharing sites illustrate that visual content is more successful in social media because visual content is more enjoyable to browse than plain text content and easy to share.

Visual content is very important in getting the attention of 21st century web users. Images are effective to easily reach our readers. Use images in the correct places to get readers attention. However, if there is no text your message may be lost or interpreted differently. It is important for bloggers to write attractive strong text because the message can’t simply be conveyed through an image alone. The text helps to engage the reader and let them understand what you are trying to say.

The internet is primarily a text-driven medium. Text plays a central role in SEO since it’s the only data that the search engines understand perfectly. Using keywords can enhance the attention of the reader. People have less time for reading. Headlines are important, 8 out of 10 people read the headline but only 2 out of 10 will read the complete text. People are drawn to the headline, but a good text will keep the readers interested. Blog needs a proper balance between images and text. They must complement each other to attract and convince the reader on your message.