Ensuring Safety During Kids Play

Why we’re “picky”

cubby houses - play penParenthood can sometimes be underrated. We don’t truly realize how hard a task it can be unless we’re already in that situation. Once we’re in, there’s no denying the fears we experience in following preferences for our children. From the smallest details like the design and color of their safety mats, to the appropriate shape of their play pen, we get bombarded by a lot of things which require our attention.

We select, with almost always only one thing in mind – what the best is for our kids. We save up so we can afford things that our children will love and enjoy. So many of the things available in the market today not even existed when we were young. Because we did not have these luxuries when we were tykes, we don’t want our kids to be deprived of things we can actually buy them.

So many cubby houses and tents to choose from

A lot of factors come into consideration before we actually make our choices. If you’re presented with different equipment for outdoor play, you can’t help but get lost sometimes, which is perfectly normal. Introducing your kids to toys and furniture can be tricky but highly rewarding. Sure he’ll be more than glad to see all the incredible stuff at Nanny Annie’s, but you should concentrate on not getting carried away at the moment.

Your child is young but he will reach a certain age when he will tell you what he wants to keep in his room, and where he wants hang out in the backyard. He’ll say he’s a big boy now and he can build a tent and he nags you to get him the biggest of the cubby houses in the store.

Eventually, he’ll ask for a little brother who will inherit his play pen and the old safety mats that kept his head from hitting the ground every time he’d bounce off the mattress.

Each time a question pops in your head, another one follows. Should I get him this? Do I get the small or the big one? Is it safe, or is it even necessary?

Finding the answer

Parents possess unparalleled wisdom in choosing what’s best for their kids. After all, mom knows best, right? There’s no other person who knows your kids better than you do. You know where she’s comfortable in. You’ve taken note of things that scare her, like dinosaurs with big teeth. You remember she likes yellow and lavender instead of pink. So technically, you’re more equipped than you think. You have enough arsenal to get her stuff without having to take her to the store.

When you finally get the right furniture and equipment, and have finished setting it up, your child will surely love it. She will enjoy playing with her toy box where she finds a lot of cool shapes and colors to classify. When she goes outsides and sees her new cubby house, she’ll feel like she’s a real princess because you bought her a castle that looks a lot like what’s on Disney.