Is The Brain Our Sexiest Organ?

Brain: The sexiest organWhat is the sexiest part of a woman or a man? What makes a person sexy? Is it the face, the breast or chest, the legs, the hair or perhaps the accent? It may be a surprise to some, but believe it or not, the sexiest and most important human sex organ is inside your skull – the brain.

Science tells us that the brain has amazing capabilities when it comes to perception, control and feelings. Its main function is to control your body and house your mind.


The brain is the sexiest organ that controls all others. It’s responsible for everything – from physical attraction to orgasm intensity. The brain is where the sex drive begins and sexual desires breed. It releases hormones, pheromones and neurotransmitters which send out and receive sexual signals which actually mean your brain is almost regularly receiving and giving sex signals daily. But what we construe as sexually arousing is so diverse that it’s complicated to even put into words. Nevertheless, the most arousing thing we all have is our capacity to think, to imagine and to feel.

In the escort world, clients, especially the high paying ones want more than just sex. They also look for those who can stimulate them not just physically but mentally. They want someone whom they can converse with about anything, someone they wouldn’t feel embarrassed about taking out to social gatherings or dinner with their business colleagues.

Nowadays, escorts are not just sexy and beautiful. They’re smart and educated too, which make them even more desirable. Besides, what can be sexier than a woman with a pretty face and a brilliant mind, right?

Perhaps if we read the escorts diaries, we’d be enlightened about their work. We’ve had the chance to interview some escorts on a previous article and one of them mentioned that their job is not all about sex. It’s about getting aroused not just by physical intimacy, but also through mental stimulation. Clients want substance from a woman too, and sometimes they just need someone to talk to.

Possibly, the basis of the sexy brain is sex and seduction. The brain is where all sensation is mingled and recognised, and where imagination, thinking and doing come together. And since that’s the case, then it’s okay to say that orgasms, exist exclusively in our heads.

Amazing Facts about the Brain:
• The brain is the most demanding and energy-consuming part of the body.
• The typical brain weighs just about 3 pounds.
• The brain is constantly active even when a person is asleep.
• The brain generates enough electrical energy to power a 40-watt light bulb for 24 hours.
• The human brain is almost thrice as large as that of a chimpanzee, and two times larger than that of a bottlenose dolphin.

Your brain is truly your sexiest organ. It’s hot, it’s intense, so, work it!