Sex Writing Has Its Hazards

As an online writer who is called upon to create online content ranging from health & wellness, to home schooling, waste recycling, plumbing & electrical services, horse racing, tourism, technology, and everything in-between and including the sex industry, I must research a plethora of information. This research needs to deliver to me the necessary knowledge to write intelligently and relevantly on all these topics. There are also rules and guidelines set by the advertising industry and the various government bodies responsible for industry compliance in each particular code. Things like the sex industry are more prone to greater scrutiny in this regard; and sex writing is under that spotlight.

It is not that we as Australians are a particularly prurient audience, or that our levels of government seek to overly control the situation, but there are certain standards of public decency, which it appears, must be respected. Compliance within these guidelines, even on the Internet, must be met to assure that websites will not be censured and even taken down. Websites adverting escort services, phone sex and even online dating must meet the Mature Audience (MA) classification criteria. Which means that content, visual and written, may only discreetly imply intimate sexual behaviour and/or nudity where it is relevant to the advertised services. Websites with ‘R’ rated content must have restricted access systems in place and warnings about the nature of the content. It is illegal to advertise prostitution services in NSW, QLD, NT, VIC and the ACT.

Of course, policing these laws effectively is another matter, and why local governments employ ‘private dicks’ to visit local massage parlours to see if more than massaging is occurring. This includes any massaging in inappropriate places, like the rub and tug; to employ the industry specific colloquialism. So escort’s websites advertise dates for dinner and a show; and massage parlours market themselves as health and wellness services and phone sex businesses discreetly imply their aural activities. Everyone knows what is actually going on but bad taste has not made so bold as to tell the truth in word and pictures.

Writing erotic stories can offer a great joy, not so great as actually having sex, but for the wordsmith it provides a backdrop for much mirth and even the occasional bit of titillation. Who doesn’t like to get aroused, now and then? In this day and age of Googling absolutely everything, it still surprises me that we pretend a prurience we do not really uphold in our own intimate lives. But we must think of the children and remember their unfettered access to the Internet. The media remains a distorted mirror shining its reflection on a wide range of levels of sophistication within its audience. Much of the writing on the Internet has, a sterility, about it, due in part, to this very fact. Tread carefully scribe and speak softly about the goings on in the perfumed garden; don’t step on a rake for instance!