Waste Management Blogging is not a Rubbish Job

With the rise of eco-consciousness, “green blogging” is now a popular trend with people offering advice and tips online for better waste management. Changing the habits and practices of the population is best achieved via education; and the Internet is such an accessible space to do that within. People are constantly searching for things online: products; services; and for new ways of doing stuff. The digital sphere is at its best when it truly becomes a portal for the online community; where concerned citizens can share information for the betterment of others and the planet.

Waste management blogging is not a rubbish job, it is the work of those who care enough about their community to reach out and pass on valuable environmental methodology. If nobody tells you how to do it better you will never know. The stuff that people put in their recycling bins is a perfect example, as many residents do not know how to recycle effectively. What was happening in many cases, was, that people were putting their recycled material inside bin liners; this condemned the contents to landfill because waste management machines and workers could not access the stuff they needed for recycling due to the plastic bags.

Basically, people in the community just didn’t know and they had not been told about the processing techniques at the waste management facilities. It was a clear instance of the failure to communicate effectively between stake holders in the waste management chain. Announcements by government agencies are now often picked up by green bloggers and that information is shared to their networks of followers; increasing the impact of these important messages. Waste management is a shared responsibility for all of us within our communities and we all need to be kept in the loop. Blogging is a great way to achieve this. We cannot leave it all up to commercial rubbish removal companies.

Environmental awareness has been growing incrementally within the general population over the last couple of decades. School children are being educated in both primary and secondary schools, as to the importance of sharing the responsibility of our waste management. Business leaders now need to step up and reduce packaging around manufactured goods. There is so much unnecessary wrapping around the things we buy and we are creating a future nightmare for ourselves if we do not act now in regard to this. Waste management blogging is sounding the alarm about these issues and sharing the call to action.